We assisted DriveX in securing €150,000 from the RUP small projects round

We assisted DriveX in securing €150,000 from the RUP small projects round

DriveX is an Estonian technology company developing an AI-based robot for detecting the external condition of vehicles. Continuous inspection and verification of vehicles are essential across many vehicle-related verticals—from rental cars to insurance processes. Currently, vehicle inspections are conducted in person at the location, manually recording the vehicle’s condition on paper or through images at the inspector’s discretion.

These inspections are imprecise due to being a manual process without control mechanisms, consuming significant time. This represents a major bottleneck for insurance companies, as accurately assessing a vehicle’s condition is crucial since their insurance offerings (comprehensive coverage) depend on this information. Without precise data, the risk of fraud increases, and insurers’ payouts are higher because they also cover damages that existed prior to the potential accident.

To address this issue, DriveX is developing an AI-based intelligent detection system. Since the development of the detection system is highly research-intensive and innovative worldwide, the DriveX team sought support from the Programme for applied research (small projects with support up to 150 000 euros). As the company is in a rapid expansion phase, they turned to Haap Consulting for assistance in preparing the application documents.

Haap Consulting helped the DriveX team analyze their current development activities and select those that fit the objectives of the small project grants for applied research or experimental development. The collaboration between the DriveX and Haap Consulting teams was successful, and as a result, DriveX received a €150,000 grant from EAS. The DriveX project successfully concluded at the end of 2023.

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