Two public procurements organized for Rõuge Municipality

Two public procurements organized for Rõuge Municipality

Rõuge Parish is in Võru County and is an important destination for recreation and winter sports. The municipality received support from the measure for strengthening the competitiveness of regions for two development projects: Haanja Recreation and Sports Center and Suure Munamäe Lookout Tower, outdoor areas, and indoor exposition. In the case of both objects, these were large projects, and after receiving the support decision, the municipality considered it reasonable to purchase the procurement service due to the workload involved.

Representatives of Rõuge rural municipality government approached the Haap Consulting team to organize both procurements. Haap Consulting helped the team of Rõuge municipality to do the following:

· Prepare the basic documents for both procurements.

· Carry out procurement procedures in the public procurement register.

· Answer the tenderers’ questions during the procurement procedure.

· Amend the procurement documents and extend the deadline for submission of tenders as needed.

· Carry out compliance checks on tenders and check the qualification of the successful tenderer on the grounds for exclusion.

· Communicate with RTK’s procurement consultants and also, if necessary, ask for official opinions from the Public Procurement and State Aid Department of the Ministry of Finance.

· Prepare contracts for successful bidders.

Due to the size of the projects, these were very complex procurements, with one dispute. Haap Consulting assisted Rõuge Parish throughout the process, because of which both procurement contracts were concluded. The total volume of both contracts was almost 1.8 million euros.

After organizing the procurements, Haap Consulting will also assist Rõuge municipality in the administrative management of the Suure Munamäe project, ensuring the organization of working meetings and project reporting in accordance with the requirements of RTK.

Both procurements were complex, where errors were made in the preparation of tenders, and due to the clarifications made during the procurements, the deadline for submission of tenders was repeatedly extended. We are all the happier that we were able to successfully complete the procurement processes in cooperation with Rõuge municipality.

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