Public Procurement of travel services

Public Procurement of travel services

The aim of the Tartu Science Park is to support the creation, operation and development of technology-intensive companies. Due to their core activities, team members of the Tartu Science Park and their business delegations often have to travel abroad. In order to reduce the administrative workload of its own institution, Tartu Science Park decided to use travel agency services when booking travel services.

The total volume of travel services was above the threshold for simple procurement and thus the procurement of travel services had to be the subject of open public procurement. As public procurement is not the main activity of the Tartu Science Park Foundation and it involves many complicated procedural steps, Haap Consulting was involved in the procurement process.

Haap Consulting, in cooperation with Tartu Science Park SA, helped to do the following:

· Planning the procurement schedule.

· Preparation of source documents for procurement.

· Preparation and announcement of a procurement in the Public Procurement Register.

· Answering questions and making corrections during the procurement procedure.

· Opening of offers, reviewing, making inquiries.

· Conducting checks on the basis for qualification, compliance and elimination.

· Selection of successful tenderer and participation in contract negotiations.

· Minutes of all the above.

As a result of the procurement, the contract was awarded to the successful tenderer and the procurement was started. We wish Tartu Science Park all the best luck in bringing investments to Tartu and hope that the use of travel agency services will lead to a decrease in the daily administrative workflow.

If you need help with an open call for tenders, feel free to contact us at or call 51 966 196.

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