Procurement for conducting marketing activities and buying furniture

Procurement for conducting marketing activities and buying furniture

Kalevipoeg Museum is an old client of Haap Consulting, whom we have previously assisted in conducting procurements. At the opening of the Kalevipoeg Museum, the Kalevipoeg Foundation requested the assistance of Haap Consulting in carrying out two procurements:

  1. An open tender for the purchase of custom-made and office furniture for the museum
  2. Simple procurement for the development and implementation of a marketing and communication plan

Haap Consulting helped the Kalevipoeg Museum to do the following:

  • Prepare basic procurement documentation.
  • Prepare procurements for pre-inspection for the State Support Services Center.
  • Carry out the recognition of tenderers and the selection of the successful tenderer together with the qualification process.
  • Responsible for communication in the public procurement register.
  • Inform tenderers of the decisions taken.

The procurement of custom-made and office furniture had two parts, where bidders could bid separately for the custom-made and office furniture. As one part of the tender did not receive any offers that were compliant, Haap Consulting helped to carry out a negotiated procedure without prior publication of a contract notice to enable the opening of the Kalevipoeg Museum according to the set schedule.

With the help of Haap Consulting, Kalevipoeg Museum reached an agreement with different service providers to provide marketing activities as well as to procure custom-made and office furniture. Today, the contracts are being fulfilled, which also creates the preconditions for opening the museum at the end of the summer 2020.

The team of Haap Consulting was very pleased to help the Kalevipoeg Museum organize public procurement and wishes the museum success in preparing for the new season.

If you also want help in organizing public procurement, write to us either at or call +372 51 966 196.

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