Start-up grant for the first manufacturer of handmade perfumes in Estonia

Start-up grant for the first manufacturer of handmade perfumes in Estonia

T-Perfume is a company established in May 2020, whose main service is the production and sale of handmade perfumes. T-Perfume offers handmade perfumes made in Estonia as a service. Handmade perfumes are perfumes with a circulation not exceeding 10,000. By way of comparison, the circulation of mass perfumes available in retail chains is in the millions.

In addition to selling its own perfumes, T-Perfume offers the so-called signature perfume option. This means that according to the order, customer develops his own personal perfume, which can be ordered from T-Perfume.

T-Perfume wanted to apply for the RTK start-up grant to start its own start-up company. The Haap Consulting team was contacted to prepare financial forecasts and business plan for the start-up grant.

Haap Consulting helped T-Perfume to do the following:

  • Finalize the concept of the start-up business.
  • Advise the T-Perfume team in preparing a business plan and financial forecasts.
  • Help respond to suggestions and comments from the maakondlik arenduskeskus and Riigi Tugiteenuste Keskus.
  • Update the business plan and financial forecasts of the start-up.

As a final result of the project, T-Perfume applied for support from the start-up support measure for the purchase of equipment for the production of perfumes, the creation of a website and an online store, and the partial payment of the salary costs of the first employee.

Riigi Tugiteenuste Keskus believed in the idea of ​​the T-Perfume team and they were able to raise 15 thousand euros to implement their idea.

We are very pleased with T-Perfume and its founder Tony Veiler and wish them success in implementing their business idea with the help of the start-up grant from Riigi Tugiteenuste Keskus.

If you need help applying for the start-up grant or preparing applications for other funding measures, feel free to contact us at or call +372 51 966 196.

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