Haap helped FuseBox and Pixii to attract 700 thousand euros for their development activities

Haap helped FuseBox and Pixii to attract 700 thousand euros for their development activities

Our region and the world in general is currently in the middle of the energy transition. Energy sector is moving from centralized thermal electricity generation to more decentralized and volatile generation of renewables, such as wind and solar. Increasing share of renewable generation helps to reduce energy sectors carbon footprint and creates the preconditions for deployment of carbon neutral electricity generation. However, due to variable generation characteristics, solar and wind energy must be balanced or compensated if they happen not to be available. They are quickly replaced by electricity generation units that are fast reacting but very carbon intense. Solutions to cost-effectively balance or compensate renewables are required to speed up the renewable energy transition.

For this reason, FuseBox and Pixii teamed up to develop a solution that would combine the use of energy storage systems with demand response (DR).

FuseBox integrates consumers and energy systems to enable better integration of renewables to the electricity grid and reduce CO2. This means their customers contribute to greener society and earn revenue without the interruption of their core business. FuseBox’s main product is a virtual power plant that helps to balance electricity production and consumption in the electricity system.

Pixii is expert in power conversion and control for battery-based energy storage. Their primary focus is the development and distribution of compact, modular and scalable energy storage systems, currently in the range from 10 to 300 kW, targeting beyond 1000kW. These systems are used to support the electricity system with the increasing challenges that result from more renewable energy and electrification of transport.

FuseBox and Pixii applied for the Norway Grants Green ICT programme. Haap Consulting assisted FuseBox and Pixii with the application by helping to compose the application documents and forms (including application, project plan, budget and financial projections).

We are happy that the co-operation was successful and the 1.4 million euros development project started on the 1st of June this year. EAS granted half of the project costs.

With the help of the project, energy sector carbon intensity will be reduced while increasing at the same time the efficiency of energy system. “This is achieved by combining demand response (FuseBox competence) and energy storage (Pixii competence) to enable next-generation energy infrastructure instead of investing into existing infrastructure which was built to support centralized electricity generation,” said the founder of Fusebox Tarvo Õng “The project enables real-time communication between electricity consumers, energy storage and energy system to maximize the use of renewables and solve the issues related to variable generation,” added Õng.

Best of luck to FuseBox and Pixii team in implementing the project!

If you need help in composing funding applications and business plans, you can contact us by writing info@haap.ee or calling +372 51966196.

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