We helped BuildrLink to apply development voucher

We helped BuildrLink to apply development voucher

BuildrLink creates a quick and easy way for construction companies to manage price inquiries in the construction industry. In the future, the solution will eliminate the time-consuming cross-copying between Excel worksheets and PDFs and send a price request to dozens of subcontractors based on a detailed product description.

BuildrLink’s problem is due to today’s situation, where today there are about 200 general contracting companies in construction in Estonia (approx. 50,000 in Europe), who do not have the tools to make price inquiries to subcontractors, with the help of which it would be possible to compare offers.

BuildrLink wanted to apply for the Enterprise Estonia development voucher order to create a user interface framework for wider testing of a product prototype, which would at the same time take into account the specifics of the construction field. BuildrLink goal is to achieve a position where general contractors can perform all subcontractor-related operations in one interface, from price inquiry to contract.

Haap Consulting helped the BuildrLink team to confirm the focus of the development idea and prepare the development voucher application.

The result was a successful financing decision and BuildrLink was able to move forward with its own product development activities.

It is highly likely that one of Estonia’s next success stories will come in the construction sector. We hope BuildrLink will be the next success story and wish their team all the best in the future!

If you want help in preparing funding applications, write to info@haap.ee or call 51966196.

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