We helped Aura Waterpark apply for the tourism sector product development grant

We helped Aura Waterpark apply for the tourism sector product development grant

Aura Waterpark is located at Turu 10 in Tartu and is the largest water center in Southern Estonia. One of the slogans of the Aura Waterpark is the “For the Whole Family”, which also reflects the centre’s regional value proposition – it is a tourism product for families, domestic and foreign, that can offer activities for all age groups. The value proposition of the Aura Waterpark stems from its size and the different types of attractions in the center: a water park, a sauna center and a swimming pool, which is unique in the South Estonian region.

Already today, Aura Waterpark differentiates in Estonia, creating an opportunity for the family segment looking for an active holiday to experience a complete visitor experience, offering relaxation opportunities for every age group. It can be said that today the Aura Waterpark is one of the three largest attractions in Southern Estonia (in addition to the AHHAA Center and the Estonian National Museum), around which most of the accommodation establishments build their own packages. In other words, Aura Waterpark already is already a tourist attraction that brings visitors to Estonia and Tartu.

The weakness of the Aura Waterpark is that today there is no family area in the water center for families, which would speak to both children and parents. Today, children can play in the children’s pool, but at the same time, the parents watching them will not be able to spend time comfortably. The company’s team is actively involved in the day-to-day development of the center, and their goal is to renew the tourism product of Aura Waterpark in the coming years by building a family area of ​​about 130 m² on the outdoor terrace.

In order to implement the project, tourism sector product development grant was applied for, and the Haap Consulting team was involved in the project, with the help of which the application and the financial analysis of the application were prepared.

The Aura Waterpark project received very good evaluation points in the evaluation of the application, and they involved a grant of almost 200 thousand euros for the implementation of their own project.

Aura Waterpark has a very strong and ambitious team and Haap Consulting had the great pleasure of participating in this project. We wish the team success in the project!

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