R8tech received funding from Archimedes NUTIKAS

R8tech received funding from Archimedes NUTIKAS

R8tech has developed a web-based software add-on for Building Automation System (BAS). It is a web-based AI-driven digital operator software for real estate managers. It reduces energy costs up to 20%, improves stability with advanced fault diagnostics and brings HVAC management into one user-friendly web dashboard. As a result, buildings are heating, cooling and ventilating the rooms at the right time the right amount considering the constant fluctuations in visitors, weather and energy market.

R8tech solution is first of its kind in this sector and R8tech team is composed of around 20 people uniting experience from building servicing, energy modelling, HVAC design, computational and artificial intelligence, machine learning and software engineering in mission-critical high-security environments.

R8tech wanted to continue its product development research efforts and decided to apply for Archimedes grant named Applied research in smart specialisation growth areas (NUTIKAS). For applying the grant, R8tech contacted Haap Consulting.

With the help of Haap Consulting, R8tech did the following:

· Gathered competitive offers from Estonian R&D institutions.

· Composed the business plan for the grant.

· Composed the project plan for the grant.

· Composed the application itself.

· Haap Consulting assisted R8tech also with the administrative project management.

In the end, R8tech application was granted 165 360 EUR to further investigate the real performance of air handling units that is often different than initially planned. This research project will be concluded with the help of TalTech scientists.

We were happy to be a part of the project and wish R8tech team all the good luck in building the next Estonian success story.

Funding round for NUTIKAS is open till August 2020. If you are interested in applying funding for this measurement and need help, feel free to reach out to us at anytime at info@haap.ee or +372 51 966 196.

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