PowerUP and HYCCO received EUR 1,33 million as R&D support

PowerUP and HYCCO received EUR 1,33 million as R&D support

PowerUP is an innovator in the fuel cell technology market.  PowerUP’s hydrogen fuel cell based generators arefirst of a kind and aim to change portable electricity generation from diesel based generators to hydrogen fuel cell based generators that do not pollute (emit only water vapor and heat), are silent and more efficient. HYCCO is a French start-up that has been able to develop breakthrough fuel cell BPPs that are thinner, lighter, and more resilient than any alternative products.

In summer 2022, both companies started co-operating in fuel cell material design that could be used in PowerUP generators. For this to succeed, they started composing an application for the Estonian programme for applied research. This is the largest R&D support program in Estonia that helps companies to develop high risk new or significantly enhanced technologies and processes.

PowerUP and HYCCO reached out to Haap Consulting team to help them with the application. Haap Consulting team worked closely with both organization seeking funding to identify the goals and objectives of the project, as well as the resources and strategies needed to achieve them. Together our teams worked with the project idea, defined the project’s value and potential impact, as well as a detailed budget and timeline for implementation. Our team also provided PowerUP and HYCCO guidance and support throughout the application process, helping both organizations to refine their proposal and address any questions or concerns they might have.

Our cooperation was successful, and we were able to help both organization to secure the funding needed to bring their vision to life. Enterprise Estonia supported the cooperation project with more than EUR 1,33 million. The total cost of the project exceeds two million euros.

If you are struggling with funding applications for your organization or project, feel free to reach out us at karl@haap.ee

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