Lumebot received 630 thousand euros from the Norway Grants Green ICT programme

Lumebot received 630 thousand euros from the Norway Grants Green ICT programme

Lumebot is an Estonian start-up company whose goal is to bring autonomous street cleaning robots with charging stations to the market. Lumebot’s street cleaning robot will be able to work in the future regardless of the season, cleaning the streets of fallen leaves and debris as well as snow.

The idea to build a snow throwing robot started with the founders of the company in 2018 from the competition for the construction of an autonomous snow saw organized by Cleveron. The Lumebot team took second place in the competition, which provided an inspiration to move the project forward. After the Cleveron competition, more specific product tests were started at customers to analyze which robot exactly meets customer needs. The market analysis showed that there is a real demand for Lumebot-like robots and that this is a product with international market potential.

In 2018-2019, Lumebot moved to the start-up phase, and within a year the first test robots were created and product development continued.

The goal of the Lebebot team was to raise money for product development from the Norway Grants Green ICT with the focus of Green Industry Innovation funding round. With the Green ICT project, Lumebot wanted to achieve the initial market readiness of the robots.

The preparation of the funding application is a long process that need specific knowledge , for which the Lumebot team contacted the Haap Consulting team.

Haap Consulting helped Lumebot do the following:

  • Preparation of funding application
  • Preparation of financial forecasts
  • Preparation of project plan (incl. market and competition analysis, risk analysis, etc.)
  • Preparation of a green impact analysis
  • Ongoing changes to application documents
  • Communication with Enterprise Estonia representatives

The whole process lasted almost half a year and one of the most thorough applications of the Green ICT application round was prepared for Enterprise Estonia. The result of the hard work was also a positive financing decision from Enterprise Estonia in the amount of 627 thousand euros. Haap Consulting will continue to work with Lumebot during the project, being responsible for administrative reporting during the two-year project.

The Lumebot team is one of the most dedicated teams with whom we have had the pleasure of cooperating, and according to all expectations, this is one of the next success stories in Estonia. We wish them success in achieving their goals.

An additional Green ICT round will be opened in autumn 2020, and the Green ICT rounds will be open in the future within the framework of Estonian-Norwegian cooperation. If you need help in preparing funding applications for Green ICT or other funding measures, please contact us at or call +372 51 966 196.

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