Funding applications

Haap’s vision is to be the  preferred partner for Estonian companies in preparing funding applications and business plans. Our goal is not to do a lot, but to do well and to work only on the projects that our team believes in.

Today, our clients include both large companies and start-ups with high potential, and we have carried out about 100+ projects of different sizes. Our team focuses on two areas: scalable, industry-changing solutions and green technologies.

We want to create projects that have a positive impact on the world around us and that involve our team in the same way as the founders.

Generally, Haap’s goal is to combine business plan writing with Enterprise Estonia funding measures that are available. 

We also write funding applications for international programmes that are open. For example, LIFE Programme, EIC Accelator (Horizon2020) etc. 

Haap’s team has experience in writing successful applications in the following funding measures: Start-up grant, Development voucher, Regional competitiveness improvement measure, International family tourism attractions, Developing creative economy infrastructure and technological capacity, Grant for international events and conferences, Estonia-Latvia Programme, Archimedese NUTIKAS and Horizon 2020. 

We are not able to compose funding applications to all the funding rounds opened because it is not possible to provide top-level service in every field at the same time. For this, we have a well-established international network of partners to cover actions that require involvement of external expertise in order to succeed.

A business plan can also be prepared to present to private investors, in which case we also support our clients in presenting the plan and help to find a working approach for a specific investor.

Our goal is to be a reliable and long-term partner for companies, which helps to attract money from both Estonian and international measures. We offer clients flexible and case-based pricing and we are the only Estonian consulting company that is willing to consider an equity investment as an alternative to a fee.

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