Establishment of Estonia’s First Metal Processing Center with Support from EAS

Establishment of Estonia’s First Metal Processing Center with Support from EAS

Exmet Services OÜ (formerly known as Tavepro OÜ) is one of the largest metal construction manufacturers in the Baltics. The company offers a range of services including metal, plasma and laser cutting, sheet metal bending, profile processing, punching, and welding. Their services cater to the production of components and parts for machinery, steel structures, as well as reinforcement frameworks.

Exmet Services OÜ is headquartered in Viimsi, Harju County, Estonia, within the Muuga Free Zone. The current production facility occupies approximately 7,000 square meters. However, the existing production space and layout no longer met the company’s needs, and Exmet Services OÜ aspired to expand and further develop their services.

Given these circumstances, Exmet Services OÜ aimed to relocate from their old production unit and establish Estonia’s first purpose-built metal processing center, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This technology would largely be implemented in Estonia for the first time. The investments made would enable Estonian metal industry companies to source a wide range of metal products from a single location. This would allow companies to manufacture more complex proprietary products and participate in larger international tenders. The entire project would contribute to increasing the value added by the Estonian metal industry sector.

To realize this vision and secure partial financing for the project, the Exmet Services OÜ team explored existing support measures. Due to the project’s size, they primarily focused on applying for the Estonian Enterprise and Innovation Agency’s (EAS) Large Investor Support. The support percentage under this program is up to 15%, with a maximum funding amount of three million euros.

Haap Consulting partnered with the Exmet Services OÜ team to assist in the application process for the large investor support. The collaboration was successful, and the total investment for the large investor project exceeded 20 million euros, with EAS providing a grant of three million euros.

We wish the Exmet Services OÜ team success in implementing their project. The establishment of Estonia’s first purpose-built metal processing center, supported by EAS, will enhance the capabilities of the Estonian metal industry and enable them to offer a broader spectrum of value-added products and services.

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