10lines received 200 thousand euros from Green ICT

10lines received 200 thousand euros from Green ICT

10lines is an Estonian start-up whose goal is to bring autonomous parking space marking robots to the market.

The techniques and methods used to create parking lines have remained virtually unchanged for decades. Today, parking lots are mostly lined with a three-man team. About 70% of the work is spent on preparatory activities, in the framework of which ropes are dragged over the parking lines, according to which the straightness of the lines is measured. Measuring tapes are used to measure the locations of the lines, and the ends of the lines are marked on the asphalt with marking paint or chalk.

With the help of the 10lines drawing robot, it is possible to optimize the preparatory work required for drawing. With this, drawings could be performed seven times faster. Today, the company’s team has developed the first prototypes of the drawing robot, and the company’s goal is to reach the market with the world’s first autonomous drawing robot.

To finance its development activities, the 10lines team wanted to apply for support from the Estonian-Norwegian cooperation program “Green ICT”. 10lines turned to Haap Consulting to apply for support. Haap Consulting helped to prepare the necessary documents for the application, as a result of which 10lines received a positive grant decision in the amount of 200 thousand euros.

We wish the 10lines team success in implementing the project!

If you would like help preparing funding applications, contact us at info@haap.ee or call 51966196.

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