Research and analysis

Most of Haap’s team are social scientists by education. Having studied social sciences, we believe that it is possible to improve the mechanisms of society through analysis and research. The more we know, the better decisions can be made. Based on this, we conduct analyzes and research mainly in the public sector, but we also have clients in the private sector.

We combine different methods from questionnaires to thorough qualitative and quantitative research. We choose the right research questions, involve the right experts and if necessary, offer full project management in the process.

We want our work to have a clear impact, and so we prefer an applied approach, where specific recommendations on how to improve the current situation play an important role in the analyzes and studies that have been carried out.

In addition, we conduct impact and financial analysis and help organisations evaluate their impact on their target groups thus enabling them to change their activities in order to move towards desired results more efficiently. Financial analysis is a good basis for evaluating how financially sustainable a project or proposed idea is and is often an important part of funding applications as well. A professional consultant is neutral in their evaluation and can give necessary arguments to convince possible investors.

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